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"Theresa Phillips is an outstanding musician - both as a teacher and performer.   She cares deeply about her students and uses many tools to discover what makes each child connect best with the instrument and repertoire.   She is meticulous about her own technique and gives her students this most critical foundation to build upon.   But what is most impressive is how she teaches the whole child, giving them a foundation of life skills that transfer easily to others areas of study.  My daughter has carried over many skills into other pursuits.   As a performer, Theresa is nothing but pure joy to listen to and work with!"

  • Pam Chaddon, Associate Principal Cellist, Chamber Orchestra of the Springs

Theresa's style of teaching is characterized by warmth!  You can tell she loves teaching the violin.  She has the perfect balance between correcting and encouraging so the students feel successful.  She has helped my children become not only wonderful violinists, but joyful ones!  -Melissa, parent

"Theresa Phillips is a joy to perform with! She raises everyone she plays with to a higher level and enhances the quality of the performance tremendously. She is a patient, thoughtful, and compassionate person and those personality traits translate beautifully to her playing. Her talent is real; her passion for her music genuine and infectious!"   

  • Jessica Sanderson, Children’s Music Director, St. Peter Catholic Church

“I have had the pleasure of performing with Theresa in concert. She displays a wonderful technique and a fine sense of musicality that bring warmth to her performances.  She is highly effective as a teacher, as I have seen these same qualities demonstrated in her students’ playing.  Her students don’t just “play the notes”- they find the musicality in their performances, which is a testament to the training they receive under Theresa’s guidance.”

- Robert Lambrech, collaborative pianist

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