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Studio Expectations

While enrolled for private violin lessons during the academic year (September through May) you can expect to attend weekly private lessons, monthly group classes, parent education classes and two studio recitals.  Throughout the year there are additional opportunities for performance and participation in community events such as play-ins, parades, holiday concerts, etc.
Private lessons are scheduled during the first three weeks of each month. Each student will have a specified lesson time that remains the same for the academic year.

I expect parents to attend lessons, take notes for their child/children and help them with home practice.  It is essential that a parent be with the student during the entire lesson to learn how to help him/her at home.   

At the beginning level, practice time generally begins at 10-30 minutes per day, depending on the age of the child. Consistent practice allows your child to become increasingly comfortable and to ENJOY playing the violin.  

Listening is vital to supporting your child’s home practices.  All Suzuki books are available from iTunes and on CD from local retailers. Each student should listen daily to their current book level and one book beyond their current repertoire.  Listening is the most important aspect of ear training! 

Private lessons are scheduled during the first three weeks of each month, September through May.  Each student will have a specified day and time for his/her weekly lesson.  Summer lessons require a separate registration and are scheduled to fit travel and family schedules as much as possible.

Monthly group classes, informal recitals, group concerts and play-ins are scheduled in addition to private lessons and are organized according to students’ skill levels.

Two yearly studio recitals (November and May) allow students to grow as young performing artists.  All students are expected to attend both recitals.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are held weekly and vary in length according to age, maturity and skill level. I offer 30, 45 and 60 minute length lessons.  Occasionally, young beginners (age 3-6) may be paired together in one 30 minute lesson.

All lessons are taught at my home studio in Monument, Colorado.  Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your lesson. If you are late, your lesson time will be shorter to allow the next lesson to begin on time as most lesson times are back-to-back with another student’s lesson.

*Please refer to Covid procedures below for 2020-2022 specific information.
There is no need to ring the doorbell during lesson hours-- just come in the front door.
Please remove your shoes and un-case instruments near the front door and double-check that you have enough rosin on your bow.  Students and parents may wait for their  lesson to begin in the front foyer area and are welcome to sit on the bench. (I ask that you not use the living area or kitchen.)
All students should begin lessons with clean hands.  Please use the restroom just outside of the music room to wash hands.  During group and classes and private lessons, students may use the basement restroom at any time.

Siblings are welcome to observe the lesson.  If they are disruptive or distracting, however, you will be asked to make alternate arrangements for the benefit of the student. Other children are welcome to bring quiet activities but please do not bring food items.  Any electronic devices should be muted or be used with headphones.  All siblings must be in the music room during lesson time- there is floor space to sit and do quiet activities while waiting.  Family members should not wait in other areas of my home.


* Continuing Covid protocols, 2021-2022

Lessons this year (2021-2022) will continue to be held in the basement of our home, so please access the back door via the left side of the house.  Please always park on the street (avoiding the area in front of the fire hydrant) since vehicles come and go from our driveway/garage, even while I am teaching.  When you enter, please remove your shoes. 

In order to keep teaching in person and to help everyone remain as healthy as possible this year, I will continue to follow El Paso County Health Department and CDC guidelines.

Per El Paso County Public Health, "Public Health strongly recommends wearing a mask in public indoor settings — regardless of vaccination status — in alignment with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.”  Given this recommendation, masks are currently required for everyone while indoors during lesson time (this includes students, parents and siblings.) When weather permits, we will hold lessons outdoors. I teach a larger number of young children and want to keep transmission of Covid19 at a minimum.


A few other guideposts this year

Please do not come to lessons if you or your child are showing any symptoms of illness. An online lesson is always an option when I know in advance.

Students should wash their hands before uncasing their instruments. The basement bathroom is cleaned before each lesson block and you are free to use it at any time. 

If you would like to visit with another family, I ask that you do so outside.

I will continue to maintain increased ventilation in the basement using our in-home AC and also a fan/ionizer. As weather permits, I will also keep windows open.

Please wait outside until the previous family/student have come out the door from their lesson.  

Thank you for helping me to keep the studio open for in-person lessons and for minimizing any possible transmission of Covid19.

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